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"Usu habeo equidem sanctus no ex melius labitur conceptam eos"

Omkar Jewelers

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Your Trusted Jeweler in Jackson Heights, NY

We have over 12 years of experience in the jewelry business. Over the years, we’ve proudly grown into a highly regarded and trusted Jewelery Store with a dedicated following of loyal customers.

It could be our stunning interior, our gorgeous collections or our affordable prices, but what really sets us apart is our outstanding customer service, and regular marvelous design. We know jewelry shopping can be intimidating, which is why we hark to provide a friendly, hassle free, and no-pressure approach that makes the purchasing process a pleasure.

At Omkar Jewelers, we have the natural ability and passion to create creative jewelery, and we are doing it for over a decade with Gold, Silver & diamond, and giving you unique design & style. All our jewelery carefully designed in a unique way that holds tradition and elegance. At our jewelers we always give you a guarantee of purity.

Omkar Jewelers is one of the most reliable Jewelry shop in New York with a family legacy. And doing jewelery business with honesty and transparency. Omkar Jewelers is now the most popular & reliable jewelry shop in New York’s Bangladeshi, Pakistani, Indian and African Community for its craftsmanship, creativity and variety. We represent the amazing showcase of different community’s heritage, culture, and diversity. With a thoughtful understanding of community tastes and preferences,  Omkar Jewelers offers an array of traditional and contemporary jewelry designs in gold, diamonds, precious stones, and other precious metals.  We always believes that the customer deserves the best & pure materials when they buy their Jewelry whether it’s gold, silver, or diamond. That’s why we always try to provide knowledge to our customers and make them aware of how to identify Pure Gold, Silver, Diamond, and other valuable stones.

Our inspiration is our satisfied customer, their love and their trust.

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